Thale Fastvold at Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn NY

Imaginary Monuments  

Opening Saturday April 25 6-9pm

Imaginary Monuments, an Ortega y Gasset Projects exhibition curated by Fritz Horstman, brings together artists who in a variety of ways create paintings, sculptures, and photographs that monumentalize a possible or desired – though absent or disappearing – object or idea.  This urge to create imaginary monuments, or document real ones, seems to stem in part from the artists’ recognition and celebration of the precariousness of contemporary culture and current historicizing trends.  There is a theme of slowing things down, of cementing a fleeting moment – an urge to resist the ever speeding now.   Because we are venturing into the imaginations of these artists, into less-than-real or no-longer-real spaces, the work often contains fragments of narratives, and often tends towards the mysterious.  Imaginary Monuments includes work by Aimée BurgMark DixonThale Fastvold, and Emily Hass.

Genius Loci / Thale Fastvold