LOCUS at Studio 17, Stavanger, fotos from the opening 20.03.15

Fastvold, Solhaugstrand and Thorjussen have created a site and time specific exhibition for Studio 17. The works are touching on the themes of alchemy, mythology and metamorphosis, opening on the day of the Total Eclipse of the Sun.

Pictures from the opening:

dK0dwUORi1EY03ps0da7pqn5dJjERUsM_GWYwXbHDYM mIGsv5hYUwtsdw6KadAL9-dyySTKNdnpBrl7Y3fr358,rIvVTw38hwWVCib4JRXTeN5RTop1Nbq01TuVy4pFoEY  2527518 hAUEzCbq0jRsTOhqiUxjnXzUUdoOak_YTdrmGgpmrPo,4NJSzwvYWzMThsRnYD0SlTH2k5NAA6XPvDpTfYA7Ys8

FVRPz_tLE4Y-W7sY8KptOdFnkagNgii20Teg5QC_AhA  _8l4hWBEm-37h2xjFBiYx40Siyv6TUyifCxyZ7TAHeo  9925010

FVRPz_tLE4Y-W7sY8KptOdFnkagNgii20Teg5QC_AhA 9752516 2832122_orig



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