About Thale Fastvold


Photo: Marius Hauge

Thale Fastvold (b. 1978) is a visual artist and curator based in Oslo, Norway. She has a BA in photography from Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, a Cand.mag (MA) in Art History and Literature from the University of Oslo, and is educated a curator from Telemark University.

Trained an analog photographer, her focus is on the dialog between classical photography and non-figurative abstraction. With photography and installation she researches the mysteries of science and spirituality.

Fastvold exhibits internationally at museums like Museum of Nonconformist Art (Russia) and Museum of St Petersburg Avant-garde, artfairs like X Contemporary (Miami) Timebag Colombia (Medellín) and Cosmoscow (Moscow) as well as locally in Norway at Kunstnernes Hus and Tegnerforbundet (Oslo), USF (Bergen) and Small Projects (Tromsø). Her artist book Ghost of M was launched at 57th La Biennale di Venezia at the National Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2017).

With LOCUS she has published the books Kurator? (2009), ARTic (2015) and Arctic Hysteria – Collected stories and research through contemporary art (2016), which was launched at NY Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1 2016.


“I work with artistic research – through my art projects I research a subject using various materials and methods. I am concerned with ecology, veganism and spirituality, and the new generation (iGen) in relation to internet and living at the peak of information.”



57th La Biennale di Venezia, Fastvold with Sara Vujkovic and Mladen Banjac of Museum of Contemporay art of Republic of Srpska, commissioner of the National Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017 (Photo: Marius Hauge)


Latest news:

Fastvold was elected Chair of the Board of Norwegian Society of Fine Art Photographers at the General Assembly, May 29 2018 –  Forbundet Frie Fotografer

Thale Fastvold & Tanja Thorjussen interviewed by curator Cathy Bird of Fresh Art International “Curating Art in a Time of Global Change” podcast out March 2018.

Thale Fastvold featured on 100 Norwegian Photographers , curated by Ina Otzko February 2018.



Pdf English cv:  Thale_Fastvold_CV_2018_e

Pdf Norwegian cv: Thale_Fastvold_CV2018a

Pdf Norwegian bio: Thale Fastvold norsk bio

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Exhibitions & public events

2018 Cosmoscow, Moscow, Russia, Sept 6-9, with Locus

2018 Performance and artist book presentation at Cassata Drone, Palermo, with Locus, August 24

2018 San Francisco Art Book Fair, July 20-22, with LOCUS

2018 LOCUS Bee Sanctuary Garden, Public art project at St Hanshaugen, Gamle Aker Kirke, opens June 21, with LOCUS

2018 Hå Gamle Prestegard, Hå, avTRYKK, group show, with LOCUS, opens June 2

2018 LOCUS lecture “Artistic research as curatorial praxis – political and ecological aspects” at IKT Congress symposium “Common Grounds”, Academy of Art, Gdansk, Poland, May 11.

2018 Várjjat Sámi Musea / Varanger Sami Museum, Transteinen/Ceavccageađge, Mortensnes, LOCUS with Katarina Skår Lisa, performative event April 14

2018 Spring Depot, Tenthaus Oslo, group show, March 22 – April 22

2018 Between the lines, Khio, (Oslo Art Academy) Oslo, group show, with LOCUS

2018 100 Norwegian Photographers  curated by Ina Otzko

2017 Arctic Hysteria, Museum of nonconformist art, St Petersburg, Russia, with LOCUS

2017  57th La biennale di Venezia, Italy, Booklaunch and presentation of artist book Ghost of M, at Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with LOCUS

2017 Dialogue with Color, Museum of St Petersburg Avant-garde, Russia, with LOCUS

2017 Cosmoscow, Norway Focus section, Moscow, Russia, with LOCUS

2017 Hildelunds Konstfestival, Västre Ämtervik, curated by Sara Rönnback & Daniel Slåttnes, with LOCUS

2017 Áhkánjárstábba, Kvalsund, Norway, performative event with LOCUS & Laterna

2017 CoSA – Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Norwegian Institute at Athens, Greece, performative event with LOCUS & Laterna during Documenta 14 opening week

2017 Arctic Hysteria, USF Verftet, Bergen, with LOCUS

2016 MoMA PS1, Booklaunch of Arctic Hysteria fanzine, New York Art Book Fair, with LOCUS

2016 Arctic Hysteria, Dikemark hospital, Kunst Rett Vest, with LOCUS

2016 Arctic Hysteria, Uncontaminated fashion art festival, Oslo, with LOCUS

2016 Timebag Art show, Medellín, Colombia, with LOCUS

2016  LUDA, St Petersburg, Russia, with LOCUS

2016 Lynx, Oslo, group show, Zodiac curated by Josefine Lyche and Rasmus Hungnes

2015  X Contemporary art fair, Miami, US, with LOCUS

2015 Platform at MUSE, Museum of Science, Trento, Italy, curator Stefano Cagol

2015 Drive in for Lydkunst, group show, Galleri Ruth, Fredrikstad, Norway

2015 Imaginary Monuments, at Ortega y Gasset Projects, USA, curated by Fritz Horstman

2015 LOCUS at Studio 17, Stavanger, with LOCUS

2014 RE-Culture III, Art in Progress, Patras, Greece

2014 The Sun That Never Sets: Spectacle and Normalcy in Time, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, NY, curated by Vanessa Albury and Rachel Rampleman

2012 There is no danger to us here on Earth, Small Projects Tromsø. Solo exhibition

2012 Invisible Clarity, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, with Tanja Thorjussen

2012 What A Mess! Art Fair, Fredrikstad, with LOCUS

2011 Invisible Clarity, Galleri Fasteraune, Telemark, with Thorjussen

2010 Liminal Chiasma II, Voss Galleri, with Thorjussen

2010 Liminality, Trygve Lie Gallery, NYC, with Thorjussen

2010 Liminal Chiasma, Galleri 69, with Thorjussen

2010 Urban Jealusy, Teheran artist run Biennial, 2008-2010

2008 Liminoid, Galleri Blunk, with Tanja Thorjussen

2006 Selfportrait series 1, Studio 35, Rome, Italy, curated by Christallo Odescalchi

2005 The Hall of Starving Artists, group show, The Connelly Theater, NYC

2004 Bilder mot Brystkreft, group show, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2003 Riciclando, group show, Palazzo Ruspoli, Rome, Italy

Art Consultant for KORO (Public Art Norway)

2018 – Art consultant for nye Hoppern school, Moss kommune, Moss

2018 – Art consultant for Moss Kulturhus, Moss kommune, Moss

2017-  Art consultant for Solberg School, Ås kommune, Akershus

2015-16 Art consultant for Kunst i Oslo, Kulturetaten, Sundtkvartalet flerbrukshall, Oslo

2013-15 Art consultant for Teglverkstomta School, Oslo

2011-14 Art consultant for Kirkenes School, Kirkenes

Curatorial projects

2013 – 2014 Artistic director at BOA – Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus.

2011 –  2017 Curator and initiator of Window Box, a non-commercial project space within the Pushwagner Gallery, Tjuvholmen, Oslo which presented exhibitions by more than 40 emerging artists during the 6 years it was open.

2011 Curator for the contemporary dance/performance group Kompani iRo.

2010 -2017 Curator for the artist Pushwagner, and Pushwagner Gallery.
2006 –  Co-curator/founder of LOCUS.
Locus is an artist and curator collective and independent gallery space.
As a nomadic and fluctuating entity we produce exhibitions and presents different artists in various locations nationally and internationally.
Based in Oslo at Grünerløkka Lufthavn, Locus has a studio / showroom and hosts various events. Locus was established in 2006 by Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen.
2011 – RE-ACTION at .NO Gallery i NYC, in collaboration with Inger- Reidun Olsen and Sol Kjøk.

2011 Video art program by LOCUS at Atopia video art center.

2008  Yonder, Galleri 69, Oslo. Group show by LOCUS: Anitra Haendel (USA), Yuka Kinoshita (Japan), Samuel Olou (Togo), Seldon Yuan (USA).

2008 #13, Blunk Gallery, Trondheim. Video art event by LOCUS: The Heartists (Ingebjørg Torgersen & Cathrine Constanse) & Frode Sten Jacobsen, Hjørdis Kurås and Marius E. Hauge.

2008 Blackening. Film/video/performance event by LOCUS at Galleri 69: Inger Lise Hansen, Rebecca Trost, Paddy Jolley, Hjørdis Kurås and Johanna Zwaig.

2007 Transformation. Vido art event by LOCUS: Tor Jørgen Van Eijk, Steinar Haga Kristensen, Inger Lise Hansen and Ruvan Wijesooriya (USA), at Grønlandsleiret 39.


Norwegian Visual Artists Society (Norske Billedkunstnere)

Norwegian Society of Fine Art Photographers (Forbundet Frie Fotografer)

BOA – Billedkunstnernes i Oslo og Akershus

Norwegian Curator Association (Norsk Kuratorforening)

IKT –  International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art 



2018: OCA (ISGIES) LOCUS at San Francisco art book fair

2018: OCA (ISGIES) LOCUS at Cosmoscow

2018: OCA (ISACAT) travel grant for participation at Cassate Drone, Palermo

2018: Norwegian Government Grant for Artists (Statens Kunstnerstipend-diversestipend)

2018: OCA (ISACAT) grant for participation at IKT Congress in Gdansk & Vilnius

2018: Lithuanian Culture Institute grant for IKT postcongress in Vilnius

2017: OCA (ISACAT) supports LOCUS booklaunch at 57th La biennale di Venezia.

2017: OCA (ISGIES) Locus at Cosmoscow, Moscow

2017: Kulturrådet og Fond for utøvende kunstnere, støtter prosjektet CoSA av Locus og Laterna
2017: OCA (02 Int. Support) reisestøtte til utstilling på Museum of nonconformist art, St Petersburg
2016: OCA (ISGIES) boklansering med LOCUS på NY Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1
2015: OCA (ISGIES) deltagelsen med LOCUS på X-Contemporary i Miami
2014: OCA (02 Int. Support) utstillingen GREEN, på RE-Culture III, i Patras, Hellas
2012: Kunstløftet/Norsk Kulturråd støttet utstillingen Invisible Clarity, på Tegnerforbundet i Oslo
2011: Utenriksdepartementet, Norsk Kulturråd og Fond for utøvende kunstnere støttet RE-ACTION i NYC.

2011: Fritt Ord støttet produksjon av seminaret How Artists Work på .NO i NYC
2009: Fritt Ord støttet produksjon av boken Kurator?


Kunst på Arbeidsplassen

Bibliography/selected press: 

Thale Fastvold & Tanja Thorjussen interviewed by curator Cathy Bird of Fresh Art International “Curating Art in a Time of Global Change” podcast out March 2018.

Thale Fastvold featured on 100 Norwegian Photographers , curated by Ina Otzko February 2018.

Arte.it / writes about  LOCUS booklaunch at 57th La Biennale di Venezia, 2017

Artribune Italia / writes about LOCUS booklaunch at 57th La Biennale di Venezia, 2017

Billedkunst  / writes about LOCUS at Cosmoscow, 2017

Periskop  / Review of public art project at Teglverket school 2017

Billedkunst / writes about book launch at 57th La Biennale di Venezia, 2017


Yamal TV, Russia / reportage with Thale Fastvold about Arctic Hysteria exhibition at Museum of Nonconformist Art in St Petersburg, September 2017


TEMPORARY ART REVIEW, / Imaginary Monuments, Sheilah Wilson, June 9, 2015

CRITICAL EYES, / Imaginary Monuments, Todd Keyser, June 10, 2015

KUNSTFORUM, / Miami Favorites, Vanessa Albury, December 12, 2015

KONSTHOPP 2012 / Interview about curating

MÅG issue two 2010 / Art works and text, page 124

NY ART BEAT / about LOCUS exhibition at Trygve Lie Gallery, 2010

KUNSTFORUM #1 2010 / Review of the book Kurator?, Andre Galí

KUNST+ #3 2010 / Interview about the book Kurator?

SPANA / About LOCUS, 2010

KUNSTKRITIKK / Review of the book Kurator?, Kjetil Røed, 2009


Thale Fastvold at BAR residency in Teriberka, Kola Peninsula, Russia (Photo: Tanja Thorjussen)

Books by LOCUS publishing / co-director

2016 “Arctic Hysteria – Collected stories and research through contemporary art”, Artist Book / Catalog “Arctic Hysteria” launched at NYABF MOMA PS1 2016

2015 “ARTic – Utfordringer i et utvidet kulturfelt” By Marianne Darlén Solhaugstrand and Stig Arild Mangschau. Booklaunch at Kunstnernes Hus.

2009 “KURATOR?” Anthology with 21 texts and interviews by curators in the Norwegian contemporary art scene. Booklaunch at UKS.

Selected published writing:

Kunsten på Teglverket” – film og formidlingsprogram for lærere på Teglverket skole 2015, for Kulturetaten

Katalogtekst: Marisa Ferreira, Space, Rhythm and Movement- og det ekspanderende speilsamfunnet, 2015

Katalogtekst: For KORO – kunst i offentlige rom, 2012 ”GJØRE HVA MAN VIL / KAN MAN / IKKE”

Katalogtekst: A touch of darkness, Margarida Paiva, 2012

KUNST, Nr. 3, June 2012: Kunstfotografi i Norge

Billedkunst: 16.06.2010 “PolArt tar med kunstnerne på ekspedisjon

Billedkunst: 16.06.2010 “ArtSci – i krysningspunktet mellom kunst, vitenskap og teknologi

Kunsthåndverk: nr 3, 2010 “Jazz og hønseegg, innblikk i det Brongerske univers”

Fiction: “Svarte blonder”, short story, published by Gyldendal Forlag, Saftbobler, anthology.

Press portraits:

Please use photo credit, photos by Marius Hauge / Marius Hauge Photography

and Ekaterina Shelganova.


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