Thale Fastvold at Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn NY

Imaginary Monuments  

Opening Saturday April 25 6-9pm

Imaginary Monuments, an Ortega y Gasset Projects exhibition curated by Fritz Horstman, brings together artists who in a variety of ways create paintings, sculptures, and photographs that monumentalize a possible or desired – though absent or disappearing – object or idea.  This urge to create imaginary monuments, or document real ones, seems to stem in part from the artists’ recognition and celebration of the precariousness of contemporary culture and current historicizing trends.  There is a theme of slowing things down, of cementing a fleeting moment – an urge to resist the ever speeding now.   Because we are venturing into the imaginations of these artists, into less-than-real or no-longer-real spaces, the work often contains fragments of narratives, and often tends towards the mysterious.  Imaginary Monuments includes work by Aimée BurgMark DixonThale Fastvold, and Emily Hass.

Genius Loci / Thale Fastvold

GREEN – A new human being at Re-Culture III, Patras Greece

Photos from GREEN – A new human being at RE-Culture III

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From top left: 1, Thale Fastvold, Marianne Darlén Solhaugstrand, Tanja Thorjussen & Kristin Holand at the opening. 2, Planting of meteorites. 3, The Norwegian consulate in Athen participated at the opening, 4, the meteorites sprouted!

And selected press:

Thale Fastvold in international art festival RE-Culture III in Patras, Greece

The exhibition opens on Nov. 8th 2014

Six norwegian artists take part in the exhibition:

Eva Bakkeslett, video, embroidery

Jørun Aase Falkenberg, installation

Kristin Holand, contemporary dance performance

Marianne Darlén Solhaugstrand, paintings/drawings, sculptures

Tanja Thorjussen & Don Lawrence, land art project made on site

Thale Fastvold, photography, installation







8 November – 28 December 2014, Patras / Greece

Skagiopoulio Foundation – Argyri Market

Art in Progress is a non-profit corporation focusing on culture and based in Patras. It specializes in the implementation of visual, artistic and interdisciplinary educational activities with main objective the approach of contemporary art and citizen’s creativity, creating conditions for effective cultural upgrading of the area.

One, of Art in Progress’ most important structures, is the International Art Festival of Patras, named RE-culture. It contributes by showing, evolving and promoting contemporary arts, not only in Patras but in the rest of Greece, too.
The 3rd International Visual Festival of Patras │ RE-culture III is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture (YP.POA.), the University of Patras and the School of Fine Arts in Athens. It cooperates and is officially supported by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), the German Embassy of Greece, the Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, Foundation NEON, the Swedish embassy and the Norwegian embassy of Greece. RE-culture III is organized in collaboration with Achaias’ child protection Annex – Skagiopoulio and Patras’ Film Club.

The opening of RE-culture III will begin on Saturday November 8, 2014, at 18:30, in Argyri Market and will be completed in the Skagiopoulio Foundation. The festival will finish with the presentation of parallel activities and a concert by the Plucked String Orchestra of Patras Municipality “Thanasis Tsipinakis” , featuring works by contemporary artists. Artistic Conductor Vaya Zeppatou.
Art in Progress in an effort to boost new collaborations and integration of innovative artistic initiatives from across the country, it is pleased to present you with a renewed artistic multidisciplinary program that will be incorporated into this year’s RE-culture.

Below we present you the program of this year’s exhibition, the parallel activities as well as the new fields of RE-culture III.

1. International exhibition of contemporary visual art, RE-culture III
This year’s international Contemporary Art exhibition will host 12 edits from Greece and abroad, 150 artists and over 250 works of contemporary art from around the world.
The artistic missions that participate this year in RE-culture III will represent England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, the USA, Switzerland and Greece.

The curators working for this year’s report – and we thank them for their excellent effort- are: Sarah Peacock, Dorothea Konteletzidou , Julia Hartmann, George Tzaneris, Irene Tsachrelia, Margarita Stavrakis, Yulia Papadopoulou, Athens Video Dance Project, Giorgio Bloch, Angela Cerullo, Yota Tsotra, Kostis Stafylakis and Kleomenis Kostopoulos.

The artists participating in this year’s RE-culture are:
Adam Butcher, Adam Forrester, Agullo and Siniarska, Alan Warburton, Alexander Whitley, Ana Cembrero Coca and Jorge Piquer Rodriguez, Ana Cembrero and Chamilothori Lia, Antonio Torres and Michael Loverich, Araceli Lemos, Barnaby Barford, Beat Lippert, Boris Eldagsen, Chi-Yu Liao, Christina Gangos, Christine Sun Kim και Thomas Benno Mader, Dawn Nilo, Dorotea Saykaly, Don Lawrence & Tanja Thorjussen, Duncan McDowall, Feargal Cunningham, Gina Folly, Giorgio Bloch & Angela Cerullo, Greta Alfaro, Jan Brand, Jef le Bars, Jey Mal, Jo Graell, Jonathan Hodgson, Jørund Aase Falkenberg, Eva Bakkeslett, Kristin Holand, Laurence Yadi & Nicolas Cantillon, Lena Kiss, Lennart Berggren, Marianne Darlén Solhaugstrand, Mark Nieuwenhuis, Miguel Andrés, Miki Ambrozy, Miloushka Bokma, Motomichi Nakamura, Muhammad Taymour & Nouran Sherif, Nicolas Kerksieck, Nina Hebting, Paul Taylor, Pawel Wojtasik, Petra Freeman, Philippe Saire, Regis Golay, Renata Ferraz & Hugo Meijer, Run Wrake, Sabine Schründer, Saltator Dance Company, Samantha Dillehay, Sarah Cox, Stephen Irwin, Stuart Hilton, Thale Fastvold, Tim Macmillan, Vera Hoffmann, Wang Ramirez, Yolanda Esther Bürgi, Aggeli Io, Aggelou Eleni, Akrithakis Alexis, Anastasakos Manolis, Apostolou Eugenia, Asargiotaki Kalliopi, Bebi Lina, Bellou Rania, Bitsikas Xenophon, Bitsakis Emmanuel, Bokoros Christos, Botsoglou Chronis, Chanis Andreas, Chandris Pantelis, Chantzopoulos Dimitris, Daskalakis Stefanos, Egonopoulos Nikos, Fasianos Alekos, Fidakis Panos, Filopoulou Maria, Giannikopoulou Stratigoula, Handelis Stefanos, Hantziandreou Maria, Iliakis Marios – Sergios, Kafida Ioanna, Karras Ilias, Katsadiotis Christoforos, Katsipanos Theophilos, Katsagelos George, Kerestetzis Konstantinos, Kontogiannopoulou Lida, Koursaris Spyros, Krystala Aspasia, Kyriakopoulos Nikos, Kyritsopoulos Alexis, Lappas George, Levidis Alekos, Litti Aphroditi, Lolis Andreas, Lyra Eleni, Mavridis Hector, Mosxovitis Charalampos, Mpisylla Niki, Mpourika Maria, Makris Thanassis, Manoussakis Michalis, Mantzavinos Tassos, Missouras Tassos, Missiou Louisa, Moralis Yannis, Nikolaou Nikos, Nomidou Vally, Ntonef Antonis, Panonidou Elpida, Papadopoulou Youla, Papaioannou Kleo – Anastasia, Papailiakis Ilias, Papakostas Achilleas, Papamichalopoulos Konstantinos, Papanikolaou Vasilis, Papanikolaou Kostas, Papatriantafyllopoulos Kostas, Pavlopoulos Tassos, Piatou Anna, Plessas Kostas, Psychopedis Yannis, Rorris George, Sakagian Edouardos, Staveris Antonis, Stavraki Margarita, Takis (Panagiotis Vassilakis), Tataris Dimitris, Tetsis Panayotis, Tsakali Anna Maria, Tsakiris George, Tsoublekas Dimitris, Vassilakakis Vasilis, Venetis Christos, Venetopoulos Babis, Vlachaki Marilitsa, Xifara Ioli, Zervaki Diana, Zogolopoulos George.

There will be daily exhibitions
Argyri Market : 9:00 to 21:00
Skagiopoulio Foundation: 9:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 21:00

For any clarification we are at your disposal.

on behalf of Art in Progress,

Kleomenis Kostopoulos
President of Art in Progress
artistic director of RE-culture
T: +30 6934 269 856
Q: art@artinprogress