Upcoming: The Platform at MUSE, Trento, Italy and Transborder Café, Vardø at Hurtigruta

Thale Fastvold will participate in The Platform at MUSE Science Museum of Trento, Italy, curated by artist Stefano Cagol.

Press release:Platform_press_release_Be-diversity_MUSE

The Platform of “Be-diversity” starts at MUSE

The temporary exhibition of contemporary art “Be-diversity. A mental attitude on differences, beyond biodiversity” at MUSE Science Museum of Trento until September 30 curated by Stefano Cagol presents a series of meetings open to the public with important guests: the first guest on Wednesday August 19 at 18.00 is Aboulkheir Breigheche, Imam of Trentino South Tyrol.

The opportunity to face the issues of Expo at Muse through the unexpected visionary point of view of the artworks of the project “Be-diversity” will be amplified starting from 19 August by a series of informal dialogues with local and international guests that are not limited within the boundaries of art and science, but range and take the cue from an idea of synergy between the different knowledge, from the belief that “The paths of knowledge that lead to awareness and then action, are not isolated trails”, as the director of MUSE, Michele Lanzinger, says.

More about  MUSE

Thale Fastvold will participate in the Transborder Café Look at it! – The role of art in public spaces at Hurtigruta, organized by Pikene på Broen:

16th September 2015

‘Look at it! – The role of art in public spaces’ 
as a part of the Norwegian-Russian Culture Forum

Panelists: Thale Fastvold, Oslo (NO), Kristin Risan, Svolvær (NO), Aleksander Molodtsov, Nikel (RU).
Moderator: Ida Karine Gullvik, NRK Finnmark
Artistic Contribution: Survival Instructions with Glafira Severianova, Murmansk, (RU)

Public art is no longer simply a decorative feature.  As public art projects shift away from the traditional, stationary and purely aesthetic ideals, new formats of dialogue based, interactive and temporary artworks show that public art, both indoors and out, can act as an impulse for tourism, urban development and social policies.  Cities such as Vardø have benefited from new public art projects, creating an identity of place which is unmistakable.

Can cross-border cooperation on the arts contribute to better neighbourly relations between cities, places and people?  What would a joint project of public art mean for cities like Kirkenes and Nikel?

Welcome to a moving Transborder Café!  See you aboard the world famous Hurtigruten

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