Window Box (2011-2018)

Pushwagner b. May 2. 1940 –  d. April 24. 2018

I am saddened to hear of Pushwagner’s passing on April 24 2018, and feel very lucky to have been working with this great artist and exceptional personality for the last eight years. My thoughts go to his family and loved ones.

– Thale Fastvold, May 3. 2018

Pushwagner Photo by Marius Hauge
Pushwagner, photo by Marius Hauge


Statement from curator Thale Fastvold, February 6th 2018:

Window Box is closing due to changes in the Pushwagner Gallery. Many thanks to Pushwagner and the gallery crew for supporting the project these past seven years. It has been excieting and inspiring to run Window Box, and I especially wish to thank all the 40+ artists who I have had the pleasure of working with. 

Window Box 2011-2018

Initiated and programmed by Thale Fastvold in collaboration with the artist Pushwagner, Window Box was a non commercial artist run window gallery located within Pushwagner Gallery at Tjuvholmen, Oslo, which from the opening in 2011 until it closed in 2018 showed more than 40 Norwegian and international artists.

Window Box archive:

Pictures and press releases from Window Box shows 2011-1017

List of artists:

Linda Bournane Engelberth
Karen Kviltu Lidal
Kenneth Varpe
Veronica Rebecca curated by Tommy Olsson

BE ANDR window_box_be_a
Monica Flakk Flakk_press
Kirsten Opstad Kirsten_Opstad_press_2
Kristin von Hirsh Kristin_von_Hirsch_press
Øistein Sæthren Dahle  Saethren_press

Peter Belyi Belyi_press
Jet Pascua Pascua_press
Claudia Passeri & Jean Marc Aviance Passeri_Aviance_press
BARBAR Barbar_pressemelding2
Eirik Lyster Lyster_pressemelding

Marit Roland Roland_pressemelding
Merete Joelsen Aune Presse_Joelsen_Aune
Cecilie Lind Lind_pressemelding
Silje Johannessen Silje_Johannessen_pressemelding
Tobias Alexander Danielsson Danielsson_pressemelding
Solveig Lønseth Lonseth_pressemelding

Marius Hauge Marius Hauge WB, pdf
Anette Heramb A Heramb, W B
Marisa Ferreira wb, Ferreira
Erell Perrodo erell perrodo press
Yngve Jørgensen PRESS_Jørgensen…

Truls Espedal Espedal_press
Liva Mork Mork_pressemelding
Marianne Darlén Solhaugstrand Darlén_pressemelding
Tanja Thorjussen Thorjussen_press
Aija Winkelmane Aija_Vinkelmane_press
Ruvan Wijesooriya Ruvan_press
Ingvild Kjær Tofte Tofte_pressemelding
Klaudia Iga Klaudia_Iga_press
Vanessa Albury Vanessa_Albury_press

Robert Johansson Johansson_pressemelding
Marthe Ramm Fortun pressemelding_eau.sauvage
Sindre Foss Skancke SkanckePressemelding
Kompani iRo PressemeldingiRo
Anna Daniell AnnaDaniellpressemelding
Jon Benjamin Tallerås Pressemelding_Tallerås

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