LOCUS Bee Sanctuary – Dagny Juels Hage

Review of LOCUS Bee Sanctuary – Dagny Juels Hage, Sept. 2019, by Tommy Olsson at Norwegian Writers’ Climate Campaign

Works by Thale Fastvold featured by Hatje Cantz verlag (DE), in the “100 Norwegian Photograpers” book published Oct. 2019, edited by Ina Otzko, and on Hatje Cantz photoblog:  In Search of the Miraculous “Years ago I bought a book by Ouspensky with the title In Search of the Miraculous. I came to live by these words: What happens or may happen, may depend on these three causes: Upon accident, upon fate, or upon our own free will. I have an unquestionable belief in subliminal messages that are presented to me; within fractions of a second there is something specific that fully grabs my attention. It can be anything. An image, a person, a word, a sound, an insect, an event. I trust each and every clue knowing that if I listen and act, in time I will be enriched by a new adventure, a new meeting, a new experience, a new perspective. Living a nomadic life I am most often somewhere else, but always here wherever I am. Photography are one of my methods of exploring time. Today is Sunday. Take your time.” – Ina Otzko

Read two texts about LOCUS bee sanctuary garden by Dr. Zofia Cielatkowska and art critic Tommy Olsson, August 2018.

Thale Fastvold & Tanja Thorjussen interviewed by curator Cathy Bird of Fresh Art International “Curating Art in a Time of Global Change” podcast out March 2018.