Cosmoscow, Moscow, Russia, 2017


Thale Fastvold, Ghost of M (2017), Photography, marble, acrylic glass, artificial grass. With LOCUS at Norway Focus, curated by Luba

About Norway Focus, from Artsy

Norway Focus | Cosmoscow 2017

The Norway Focus of Cosmoscow 2017 is a showcase of five Norwegian galleries from across the country; from the political-capital of Oslo to the oil-capital of Stavanger and from old-capital of Trondheim to the Barents capital of Kirkenes. All are gallery-hybrids that combine the tactics defined by the art market rules and the strategies of non-profit artist-run spaces; and together, all represent a cross-section of Norwegian contemporary art and highlight the Scandinavian model of supporting and developing the arts.

LOCUS (Oslo) is an artist run gallery space and a small publishing house established in 2006 by Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen. LOCUS will present various works in drawing, photography, installation and artist books by artists: Merete Joelsen Aune (b. 1984) works with drawing and poetry as her principal media, and is presently influenced by an eclectic interest in astronomical phenomena and the expanding universe. Thale Fastvold (b. 1978) focuses on the dialog between classical photography and non-figurative abstraction. With photography and installation she researches the mysteries of science and spirituality. Sara Rönnbäck (b. 1988) & Daniel Slåttnes (b. 1986) work with performative sculptures where they investigate the potential of artistic materials. Currently they are working on the project ”Conversations between Bodies” as a book and exhibition. Margrethe Iren Pettersen (b. 1977) utilizes plants, sounds and other materials as well as her Sami roots and the oral tradition of knowledge dissemination of the north in her work – which takes the form of cultivation projects, soundwalks and photography. Tanja Thorjussen (b. 1970) explores the theme of liminality in nature, spirituality and mythology with drawing, installation and land-art.


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