Thale Fastvold at X Contemporary Miami 2015 with Locus


Thale Fastvold with LOCUS at X Contemporary Art Fair, Miami 2015, with Tanja Thorjussen, Marianne Dárlen Solhaugstrand, Javier Barrios.

Kunstforum about LOCUS at X Contemporary,  Miami Favorites by Vanessa Albury:

“LOCUS  (Oslo, Norway) with works by Javier Barrios, Thale Fastvold, Marianne Darlen Solhaugstrand and Tanja Thorjussen. The artist collective LOCUS is one of about four Norwegian galleries or artists groups in Miami this year, each at different fairs. LOCUS curated a booth in Wynwood at X Contemporary, the inaugural art fair of former Select director, Matthew Eck. LOCUS was funded by OCA’s new International Support for Galleries and Temporary Exhibitions Arenas (ISGIES) grant. OCA is supporting Norwegian artists venturing into commercial art milieu, like other funding groups such as SpareBank Nord-Norge. Themes of transformation and unseen forces run through the LOCUS booth, as seen in Tanja Thorjussen’s reindeer, bird and tree branch hybrid drawings and in Thale Fastvold’s Genius Loci with misty clouds hovering above the ground, suggesting the recent absence or developing presence of invisible energies.”

LOCUS at X Contemporary

LOCUS at X Contemporary


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