Everything can fall apart – Thale Fastvold with LOCUS at Studio 17 Stavanger 2015

LOCUS at Studio 17, Stavanger
Thale Fastvold, Marianne Darlén Solhaugstrand and Tanja Thorjussen
March 2015
Fastvold, Solhaugstrand and Thorjussen have created a site and time specific exhibition for Studio 17. The works are touching on the themes of alchemy, mythology and metamorphosis, opening on the day of the Total Eclipse of the Sun.
About Fastvold’s project:

Everything can fall apart

On June 27th 1931 a light ripped open the sky above the city of Foum Tatahouine in Tunisia, Africa. A 12 kg meteorite exploded, 4,5 km North of the village. It detonated quite close to the ground and was split into fragments which fell on a radius of about 500 meters. 

17 small parts of this Tatahouine meteorite forms the center of Fastvold’s installation at Studio 17. The fragmented meteorite creates the shape of a triangle. From the triangle a spiral made of pieces of broken glass is unfolding.

Besides the installation there are two photographs of broken glass. The photos mirror the installation, but where the glass pieces of the spiral are organized, the glass in the photos are randomly scattered about.

The spiral as a symbol has been found on rock carvings thousands of years old in all the continents in the world, and you can find the spiral shape in nature and in the galaxies of the universe.

Fastvold’s work focuses on micro and macro changes through time and space – how things fall apart, and come together, and then fall apart again. Sometimes fast, sometimes very slowly. Environmental challenges are part of our world and the importance of sustainability is ever present in our time. The work puts focus on the daily choices we all make, and at the same time aims to create a meditative perspective on the Earth as part of the universe.

Floor installation made of 17 pieces of Tatahouine meteorite and broken glass (2015)

Two color inkjet photographs 30 x 40 cm (2014)

Press:  http://virtualwallworld.blogspot.no/2015/03/locus.html

“Three artists of the LOCUS collective manage not only to fill the walls, but even use hidden places nobody has ever noticed in the tiny gallery space. The motives are spanning from octopuses to hermaphrodites, from magical crystals to a mystical labyrinth.”


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