GREEN – A new human being at RE-Culture III, Patras, Greece, 2014

GREEN – a new human being
Thale Fastvold – installation at RE-Culture III, Patras, GREECE Nov 8 – Dec 31 2014

Installation: 4 pots with meteorites and organic spelt grass/mint, variable sizes.
Titles: Chelyabinsk, Sikhote-Alin, Shatter cone I, Shatter cone II, all 2014
1 photographic work, consisting of two polaroids of the moon, framed 20 x 30 cm
Title: Double Moon, 2013

The theme of the festival, RISK, is linked to Fastvold’s installation in various ways. We live in a constant dialog with the rest of the universe and something from outer space could hit the Earth at any time, creating changes on a micro or macro level. At the same time, the way modern living effects the earth and the environment is not sustainable for much longer and has created a great risk for the future of humanity.
The installation consists of two polaroid pictures of the moon and four pots where meteorites, shatter cones and organic spelt seeds are planted. The spelt seeds will grow throughout the exhibition period, creating spelt grass which can be harvested and served as spelt grass shots. Spelt grass is highly nutritious, but besides the regular nutrients this drink will contain traces of the meteorites – potential traces of minerals and stones from outer space. Fastvold’s work focuses on sustainability and environmental challenges, and creates a meditative perspective of the Earth as part of the universe at large.

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